Sunday, October 17, 2010

On site : Architectural Preoccupations, carol j.burns

The location of the work of architecture is considered very essential for the work itself since it represents the way the builders and the users of this work of architecture view it.
At first, the location is an empty space which is measured and designed in a way that prepares it for the work. The location of the site is an entity in itself and the work of architecture is assumed to model this site and assimilate it with the architecture through using mimetic imitation and organic assimilation.
The cleared and contstructed sites are a blend that forms a complex site and both are the result of a formation of architectural involvement on a site. The location may integrate the site of a building and the space of this site were this building is positional or going to be positioned later. The site comes into existence when working on it actually starts like measurment and setting boundaries. The lot presents a local conception of land done by measuring the lot in accordance to a group of conceptual coordinates. The boundaries of the lot shows a situation which protraits the site at a scale. The culture plays an important role in relation to the idea of the land. The natural scene of a landscape reflects the way many architects view the sites which are found in such landscapes.
Location means a specific place and the presence of a plan used in that place. Modern architecture views the importance of the site according to technical use.

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