Sunday, October 17, 2010

Response on the reading : On site

In the reading "on site" Carol Burns brought up the subject of site in architecture. A site not only means the local position of a building, but it may also signify a space occupied or to be occupied by a building. Therefore two opposed conceptions of site can be established: the idea of cleared site and the idea of a constructed site. Carol also insisted on the importance of relating a building to the site. In fact, the conceptual content of site must be made available for study and opened to questions, and suggested two consideration of a site in architecture, the theorotical concept, what we think site is, and impact of theory on action concept, what we make of a site. the understanding of a site is neither self evident in looking at a particular example nor explicit in theoretical terms. Every site is a unique intersection of land, climate, production, and circulation. The site is a work, a human or social trace, and it is comparable to myth and temples, it is a product of culture, it is by nature not a finished or closed product. it is an artefact of human work that can neither be completed nor abondoned. its meaning can never be determinable. The site, like the human condition, is open.

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