Sunday, October 17, 2010

Response To The Moment Of Complexity by Mohammad khalifeh

Throught out history, technological improvments acuated gigantic socail and cultural transformation. Back in 1989 the world witnessed a decisive shift from industrail to an information soceity, and that took place with the collapse of the berlin wall on november 9. Since then, the new network culture evolved. In order to understand the logic and dynamics of the network culture, it is necessary to consider how it grows out of and breaks with previous historical moments. From 1960 till 1990, the world veiwed soficticated developments such as electronic information and telematic technologies. Afer the cold war, a new system emerged - Globalization. The processes of Globalization are now creating a new networ culture whose complex logic and dynamics we are only begining to understand. The cold war reached to an end because it's system was designed to maintain stability by simplifying complex relations in terms of a grid. However, grids and walls offer no protection from spreading webs. As webs grow walls collapse and everything changed. Never the less, change accelerates quickly and that brought everything to the edge of choas. Rather than the abcense of order, choas is a condition in which order cannot be ascertained because of the insufficiency of information. Falling between order and choas, the moment of complexity is the point at which selforganizing systems emerge to create new patterns of coherence and structures of relation. In other words, the moment of complexity is the medium in which netwrok culture is emerging.
The grid is the figure of modernisim, Le corbusier suggests. Also, he suggests that grids and their geometry are so important for modern art and architecture as well as modern life and inorder not to perish, man should work for the production to be possible and to have a line of conduct. However, the laws of experience must be obeyed. What Le Corbusier descrides as the "march towards order" imposes disciplinary practices necessary for the efficient functioning of industrail society. The city of today is dying because it is not constructed geometriclly and the consequences of geometrical plans is repetition and mass production. In order to have a well functioning network there should be equality in the daily performance among both sides, manegment and workmen, because the manegment/labor relation is more like mind/body relationship.

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