Sunday, October 17, 2010

Response to "The Moment of Complexity"

The modern world of architecture has evolved greatly with time and what used to be simple structure is now a series of complex systems and structures. The rapid transformational change that's undergone requires the development of new methods in order ro interpret the world we live in. "chaos" in "the edge of chaos"is simply a state where order is difficult to acheive because there's an inadequacy of information. Complexity is later on said to be a point at which innovation begins in patterns,structures, and style. theoretical boilogist stuart kauffman, discusses the socail and cultural extents of the modern complexity, and whats interesting is his stress on "order and surpries". Knowing the grid as the figure of modernism, Le Corbusier sets his ideology in revolve around math and geometry; which i find to be just as he says, a "foundation". I find le corbuseir's sarcastic approach with "The Pack-donkey's way" fascinating and evident in that it is responsible for the inorganization of the city. Again, Le Corbusier emphasizes in metaphor the "dying" of city becomes of the non-geometric means its been brought about by moving on, at superficial complexity, international style has come to have one goal, stylistic effect. Now with venturi's observations of twentieth century technology's influence on 19th century industrial vision, and formation being decorative, I only saw an extra perspective towards architectural analysis. In network culture, it's mentioned that form in general is not as simple as of now, but rathur more complex. architect gehry guggenheim's museum interplays grid and network beautifully tying roads and rivers and the art of architecture to the art of god. It is truly fascinating, the concepts, the diverse architectural approaches, and the alteration of architecture with the process of time.

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