Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Toledo house, bilbao, spain

The toledo house is a residence in spain that is very remarkable mostly because of its texture and its structure that reminds us of the old castles: the cylindrical part, the dark side and the color.
The texture is the most interesting part of this residence. The bricks used are square and rectangle shapes that are placed differently: some of the, are very close to each other, and others are more distant. This fact creates a sense of discontinuity of the texture that is very uncommon specially in modern architecture(our century) which is based on simplicity and continuity .
This sense of discontinuity is accentuated by difference in the tonality of the color of the bricks. We can notice in fact that the bricks are the same color, but some of them are lighter or darker, and placing them next to eachother creates a feeling of mosaic.
The last point about this discontinuity of the texture is the difference in the form of the bricks. In fact, we can notice a difference in the shape and size of the bricks that are placed next to eachother.

In architectural manners, we find there is a narrow stairs that leads you to the inside of the building. And also the way the opening are made is really out of common.
All of these new components are very attractive because of their very special and uncommon architecture and design.

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