Sunday, October 17, 2010

Urban Sites

Urban Sites is known as applying some studies in order to show simplicity and complexity. It is the study of the Palmanuova Plan and the view of Milan. With respect to the study of Palmanuova Plan the drawer shows that there are boundaries, which gives the impression that the city is fixed and surrounded with walls. As for the view of Milan it doesn’t show that there are edges or boundaries for the city.
Urban Site had five concepts of thinking:
-1- Mobile Ground: Urban design actions are best considered in strategic terms focused on framing urban relations and structuring urban processes. It provides a space of progression, slippage, and continual revolution.
-2- Site Reach: For Urban design, the concept of a site is to reach at least a vision for its final point.
-3-Site Construction: The construction of the site and the using of each construction point defies information. (Scale, distance.. etc are some examples of these construction strategies)
-4- Urban Constellation: It consider urban sites as a rational constructs
-5-Defining The Indefinite: It characterizes urban sites as spatially elastic and temporally provisional. And what matters is gaining understanding of the city in the site.
These are the five concept l the Urban Site; they differ between one and another because each one look in a different way towards it.

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