Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Here is so far the characters you picked. persons with question marks ? are asked to confirm on the blog before friday what their choice of character will be.

1-  Labiba- Maria Elena ( vicky christina barcelona)
2-  Karim S- Juan Antonio( vicky christina barcelona)
3-  Jad- Juan Antonio( vicky christina barcelona)
4-  Oya- Lola ( run lola run)
5-  Hussam- Vianne & Roux ( Chocolat)
6-  Ramez- ?
7-  Sherine- Miranda Priestley ( the devil wears prada)- narrative to include twins
8-  maher- Kido ( Kill Bill) -narrative to include daughter
9-  Tarek- Bruce/Batman ( the Dark Knight)
10- Karim A.S- Bob Harris or/and Charlotte ? ( Lost in Translation)
11- Zaher- Billy Elliott ( Billy Eliott)- narrative too include family
12- imad ?
13- omar ?
14- mohammad ?

Some interesting characters that has not been taken: CoCo Chanel ( coco avant chanel), charlotte ( lost in translation), Guido Contini & Luisa Contini( Nine),  Alexandria & Roy ( The Fall), Andrew& Sam ( Garden State)

tips for better reading of character: do some research. see interviews of actors and how they perceived their character before portraying it.

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