Sunday, December 5, 2010

she is a lover and an intimate person , her love life faces obstacles because of her work.

Andy is an emotional person and due to her job as Miranda's assistant she gets under alot of pressure but manages to solve her problems

she is a Hard worker and and persistant to do her job no matter what it needs. she can handle more than one thing at a time which made Miranda want her to work as her asiistent more and more

Andy became a very elegant and classy young women who has a good taste in fashion, unlike before working in this journal where she lacked the sense of fashion and made co-workers make fun of the way she dresses

Andy is a person u could count on, in this scene Andy is telling Mirnada the name of a certain celebrity becaue Mirnada doesnt know or remember his name, if it wasnt for Andy it would have been an akward situation.

she is a quick learner and is capable of coping with her surrounding,

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