Saturday, November 13, 2010

 i went to the site and i noticed that the level of the porsche is at the same level as the last landing so i make some changes
 Ive change the fine arts building as u can see
 I opened a place for the tree
ok as u can see i extended module 4.
however i wanted to ask u since the porsche of the fine arts is at the same level as the last landing and not like what we thought today what do you advice me to do? i was thinking to extend it to the left and change the height in order to reach the ground? what you think?


Hi Miss,

I found many interesting things about triangulation but it seems its a bit hard to work all the system out of one cardboard. I am still trying . Can I try to work it in 2 system: ground and roofor it will have different concept between ground w roof.
many thanks