Friday, December 3, 2010

i've been trying to upload from hrs!

sorry miss for lateness i will add titles and comments in the weekend because i just found today the movie and the last 20 minutes of it are damadged. i need to find a new one this weekend.


SITE PHOTOS before the steel panel fence.


omar and aya, keep trying to post. sometimes, it gives those signals. when it does sign out for a while then sign in and re-try again. omar, join the blog to be able to post. it gives me that you have not joined it yet, even though i sent you to your gmail two invitations already.

mohammad, bruce is taken. do coco chanel or guido contini from nine.

the rest , post your stuff.

Omar Khatib: Miss am tryin to post but its not working!!! i cant upload the images! why?>??
its Omar Khatib! Miss i changed to vianne from chocolat!

Hi Miss,
There is a problem in posting.
i tried to post from home, and i went to 2 internet cafe and its not working. There is an internal error in the web that's what is written so how shall i post it?


Miss i had to change my charater since i couldn't find Billy Elliot movie, i spent the whole day looking for it, so i picked Charlotte from Lost in translation.. \thank you
Omar Khatib : Roux from chocolat
Bruce wayne from " The Dark Night"


Time to start submitting. I won't stay until midnight to see your submissions. and i will take into account those who submit late, i-e tomorrow.

More hand-drawn photocollage/sketches samples, done by second year students. I wont accept sketches with lesser quality.