Saturday, December 11, 2010

its not finished yet. tommorow ill post the model.
other than she loves meditation, Vianne is a classy women. in the movie Vianne always dresses in a very classy and beautiful way. Knowing that the movie was set in the 50's, Vianne dresses way different from others. she puts on her red high heeled shoes even after everyone in the viallage makes fun of her because they all wear black shoes. moreover, she chooses colors such as red and blue in her clothing which are bold colors whichs bring out her bold character. hence, she is classy so she needs a classy house.
returning to the point of that she is a drifter, she likes to move alot. so i imagine her house elongated. elongated as in long coridors and porches so that she moves in them creating an illusion for her.