Monday, October 18, 2010

This is the analyze of project villa moda (written analyze is already uploaded) sorry for lateness !

The project is called s window, it is a designed window for a deparment store in London, the window explored slef organizing branching structures through the use of elastic cords and free nodes. the structure's shape would be determined by the location of the upper and lower constraints and the self-organizing of the individual members.

Name : Smart cloud

year : 2007

location : new york

This project is sited in the lobby of a fasion designer. its amazing structure captures your attention because of its unique unit system that is based on geometric shapes that are later on come out to be as cells, waves and tubes.

How was it done?

This design is a series of folding differnet kinds of material such as fabric, glass, fiberglass, and sheet metal. after folding small peices of these material they put them along each other forming a new disgn.

discreption of every shape:

Tubes: tubes are attached to ceiling with identical supports which contain lightning

waves: ecoresin panels are draped over mold while still mallable, holes are drilled in.

cells: each cell is made from unique fabric patterns that is wrapped around an upper support frame.