Sunday, October 17, 2010

Defining Urban Sites By Andrea Kahn

urban sites are best defined by studying the Palmanuova plan and the view of Milan by Leonardo Da Vinci which show the Urban Site between simplicity and complexity. Studying the PLamanuova , we can clearly note that somehow the drawer has defined boundaries , everything is clear ; we have impression that the city is a fixed object bounded by walls impenetrable to any new intervention . Based on Da Vinci view of Milan we can see the other definition for Urban Plan in which it's impossible to locate the edge of the city .

Urban Sites are conceptualized in meaningful 5 ways :

-Mobile Ground : sites in interactions and intersections . It's a place for progression , slippage and revaluation .

-Sites Reach : every site should have at least a vision for its final point that should be reached , its limits , boundaries and its surroundings.

-site construction : moving or static , large or small scale , close or distant , each vantage point brings different aspects of a site to light and each way of organizing site information result in a distinct site configuration .

-Urban Constellation : it's about integrating knowledge of place-based urban characteristics with knowledge of larger scale that underly contemporary urbanism in all its form . It's about considering urban design sites as relational constructs.

-Defining the Indefinite : based on challenging the idea of a table site . It defines urban sites as elastic and temporally provisional . Ideas of boundary and scale are received in a slightly different way . It's gaining understanding of the city in the site .

In a word , Urban Sites have many ways to be defined and we cannot generalize it in one conclusion . It depends on who is looking !Complexity or simplicity , stable site or progression , many definition for defining Urban Sites

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