Sunday, October 17, 2010


C_wall is the result of a series of deformations produced by folding the points based data, followed by cutting the fill and leaving only the contour, which transform the points base into volumetric cells. Each cell has different scale related to the deformation made to its point base. the folding technique expands the three dimensional vocabulary of surface by producing deformation and inflection. These deformations and the various scale of the cells reflect an interesting patterns of light and shadows, this what makes the wall extremely artistique and attractive. The material used to produce the C_wall makes the deformation easier. In fact, thin paper can be easily fold and cut, and also it makes the structure extremely high strengh to weight ratio, since thin paper makes the wall weight very , on the other hand the folding technique divide the pressure of the weight on the whole wall, that's what makes the structure very strong and weighing very little.

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